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Tyne & Wear Public Transport Users Group

Welcome to Gateshead Group!

What we do

Some valuable work was done by this group with regard to buses serving hospitals but unfortunately, due to some members moving out of the area and others beset with ill-health, it is dormant right now.

If either live or work in Gateshead and would like to help re-start the group then please get in touch with the TWPTUG secretary below. We can help you with publicity to find other people to re-establish the group and thus help improve public transport provision in Gateshead.

Our history

Our group started in 2016, was the fourth local group to be established under the umbrella of TWPTUG. The catalyst for forming the group was hospital users' annoyance with Go North East for not sending their buses into the grounds of Queen Elizabeth hospital, despite there being a turning point in the grounds to do so. The latter was built by Gateshead Council a decade earlier.


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Local News & Events

Angel of the North statue by Antony Gormley.

Campaigns and Activities

Gateshead group achieved the following:

  • Due to concerns about the dangers to elderly and/or infirm people crossing the busy Queen Elizabeth Avenue, outside the QE Hospital, we lobbied the bus company to re-route their buses through the hospital instead. This was refused on the grounds that it would waste to much time for drivers. Eventually a petition was raised with Gateshead Council to install a pedestrian crossing. This was granted and a zebra crossing was later installed.